Dinosaur Battles

Dinosaur Battles 5.0

Dive into real-time 3-D action with fighting dinosaurs
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All the ferocious power of the world’s most dangerous dinosaurs is in your control! After an evil scientist takes over with an army of vicious dinosaurs, it's your turn to power up your own team of super-charged dinosaurs and control them in battle. Each dinosaur has specialized fighting moves and combinations - customize your dinosaurs into awesome fighting machines. Build up your dinosaur army, dominate your opponents and become the dinosaur fighting champion!

Skills Taught:

- Logic
- Problem Solving
- Strategy
- Compare and Contrast

Main features:

-Dive into real-time 3-D action with fighting dinosaurs.
-Customize different dinosaurs with thousands of fighting power combinations.
-Six interactive, ever-changing levels.
-Use logic, problem-solving and strategy skills.

Windows® System Requirements:

Windows® 2000/XP
Pentium® II 266MHz or Higher)
64 MB RAM (128 MB RAM for XP)
Video Card: 4MB 3D Graphics Accelerator
Hard Drive: 150 MB HD
CD-ROM: 24x or Faster

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